Bozeman woman makes dinner


In spite of declaring feelings of accomplishment over a successful semi-annual effort, a Bozeman woman admitted to feeling slightly guilty Wednesday when her spouse collapsed into tears of gratitude over the fact that she had made dinner.

“It’s just soup,” she replied in response to his apparently non-ironic query: “Are you real, or are you an angel?”

“I do make peanut butter toast occasionally, but I try not to raise his expectations by cooking too often,” she mused, while nonchalantly prying his reverent grip from the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

“Obviously, making dinner twice in the same week was a bit too much, too fast,” she concluded, using a dinner napkin to shield herself from his disconcertingly worshipful gaze.

She followed this statement with the request that friends and family respect their privacy until things were back to normal.

“I think he just needs some time to pull himself together,” she explained.

“He’s gonna be okay.”