U staffer confesses glee over end of Year of Connected Leadership


An adjunct professor at one of Montana’s most prestigious institutions of higher learning recently admitted to feeling secretly happy when the school’s “Year of Connected Leadership” came to an end.

“I’m fine with leadership,” explained the adjunct. “In fact, the 12 sections of my Freshman level course and my 400 advisees provide me with splendid opportunities to lead, but at times I find it a bit difficult to really connect.”

The staffer recalled that he had been giddy with anticipation to take part in the 2013-14 school year’s monthly goals of commitment to personal growth, listening, empathy, awareness, healing, foresight, conceptualization, stewardship, persuasion, time management, community building and martyrdom.

But he also noted that by May, he had only been able to actualize “The Year of Eating a Lot of Crackers.”

“I empathed until my empathizer was worn to a nub,” he said, “and if I hear another word about stewardship, I’ll blow chunks.”

“However, I did like the distinguished speakers series,” he added, “Some of them were really hot.”

Although he was not specifically asked for his input on a 2014-15 slogan, he was eager to share his vision for “The Year of Sending Out Resumes.”