Self-referential posts off-limits, declare Beet editors


After toasting a successful month online, editors of Montana’s worst news source used the publication’s first mensiversary as an opportunity to take stock and plan for the future.

“I don’t think we should be self-referential until we really piss someone off, and then we could use a headline like, ‘Montana satirists scurry into hiding over harsh criticism,'” said one meeting attendee.

“Yeah, we have a ton of headlines in the can. There’s no reason to resort to writing about ourselves,” said the same person, pretending to be a second speaker.

However, the prospect of receiving any form of attention overwhelmed the Beet conference room, where resolve quickly disintegrated into lame ideas for pandering headlines.

“Writer sticks with something for more than nine days,” one writer suggested, “That’s funny, right?”

“I prefer ‘Underground rag gets boner over 180 lousy facebook likes,'” the same writer answered, pretending to be a second writer.



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