Man mistaken for non-Montanan

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A native of Harlowton was mistakenly identified as a non-local Monday night because he wasn’t wearing a 406 T-shirt.

Patrons of the Livingston bar where the incident occurred were further confused when the man’s female companion, who entered the establishment wearing a plain white top and Cruel brand jeans, was without a “Montana-Shape Love” shirt or even a Montana-shaped necklace with a gemstone heart on the location of her city.

“Where are they from?” questioned a three-year resident of Bozeman whose state affiliation was clearly emblazoned on his cap.

“It was pretty hard to tell if these people really ‘got’ the Montana lifestyle by the way they dressed,” remarked the bar owner.

“If it hadn’t been for his elk license and her high school barrel racing champion belt buckle, we’d have had to assume they were from Minnesota or something.”

It was discovered on further investigation that the couple also failed to display a “Get Lost” sticker on the back window of their truck.



3 thoughts on “Man mistaken for non-Montanan

  1. I got stopped by the local police while strolling downtown Harlowton one morning. I was wearing a snap cap backwards, and it looked sort of like a beret, so I guess they thought I was maybe a foreign agent looking for nuclear missile silos or something. It happened another time in Cutbank–although I don’t think I was wearing any headgear. Both times were out of tourist season, and both times they were responding to citizens who called in. Montana born & bred. 3rd generation.

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